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9 signs your car needs a service

The most important thing about a car is safety. When you buy a vehicle, you invest in your life and those around you. You have to take great care of it because this is not just an automobile. It’s a necessity in life. Your vehicle should be maintained properly to drive safely through your daily routine. Here are some signs that will let you know your car needs a service. 

1. The Engine Light Is On

The engine light is a sign that your car needs service. If you notice that your car is running rough or there is an unusual noise from the engine, get it checked out immediately.

The engine light can come on for several reasons, including:

  • An oil change is overdue: Oil changes are essential because they help keep your car running smoothly and protect it from premature wear and tear. You should take them every five hundred kilometres. 
  • Incorrect fuel mixture: If you notice that there’s too much petrol in the tank or none, this could be why your car won’t start. Mixing up the amount of petrol in your tank with air can cause problems with combustion and lead to loss of power and damage to internal components.
  • Low battery charge: The battery needs to be charged up before leaving for work or school each day – but if the warning light comes on when you try to start your car, it may be because something else went wrong with its charging system instead of simply needing more juice.

2. The Brakes Squeal

If your car’s brakes squeal, it’s a sign that they need to be serviced. The brake pads are worn down, and the rotors are warped because of moisture. You may even notice that your brakes are pulsing when you apply them, which is another sign that they need service.

If you can hear the squeal when you apply the brakes, but it becomes louder when you take your foot off the brake pedal. The squeal is caused by air leaking from the brake pads through the drum and rotors, which causes them to wear out faster than usual. If you’ve recently replaced your brake pads, you’ll notice that they don’t squeal as much as they used to because there is less friction between them and the rotors. Once this happens, they won’t work as well anymore and will need to be replaced again.

3. The Engine Is Making Strange Noises

If your car makes a strange noise when accelerating or has a persistent knocking sound that doesn’t go away when you turn off the engine, there’s a good chance something’s wrong. You may also notice some debris in the area where the noise occurs. This could mean a problem with one of the valves or seals – or perhaps there’s something stuck in one that needs to be removed manually by someone who knows what they’re doing (like an auto mechanic). A broken seal can cause a lot of wear and tear on an engine over time.

4. Your Car Is Smoking

A car that is smoking is an indicator that your car needs service. Two different things can cause smoke to come out of the exhaust pipe.

The first cause of smoke from your Car’s exhaust pipe is a malfunctioning catalytic converter. This is usually caused by a cracked exhaust pipe or other damage to the system. 

The second cause of smoke coming out of your car’s exhaust pipe is when there is an issue with the oxygen sensor in your catalytic converter. This sensor measures the amount of oxygen in your car’s exhaust, and if it detects too little oxygen, it will not function properly and may lead to more smoke than usual coming out of your engine.

5. Your Fuel Consumption Has Suddenly Increased

If your petrol mileage suddenly increases, you may drive more kilometres than usual. If your car is still under warranty or maintenance contract, the manufacturer will take care of any problems with your vehicle.

If your fuel consumption suddenly increases, it could be caused by many factors. It could be that you are driving too much or not enough. Too much driving can cause various problems, including increased carbon monoxide emissions and decreased fuel economy.

The most common way fuel consumption increases is when an engine is under-filled. Under-filling can cause the fuel to pool in one area of the tank, making it harder for other parts of the fuel system to mix evenly. This uneven mixing causes an increase in emissions and decreases in overall performance as well as acceleration and top speed.

If you have recently changed cars, you may notice a change in how fast they accelerate or how far they go on a gas tank. This is because some vehicles require more gas than others as they have different-sized tanks that are filled at different rates depending on their make and model.

Another cause for increased fuel consumption could be poor maintenance practices by yourself or someone else who owns the vehicle.

6. Your Car Is Overheating Frequently

Overheating is a sign that something’s wrong with your car, and you need to get it fixed as soon as possible. Overheating can be caused by damaged radiator hoses or clogged cooling system filters. It can also indicate that a significant, expensive problem such as engine overheating or transmission failure is lurking in your future.

Here are some common signs of an overheated engine:

  • Your car loses power over time. If your car slows down in speed or starts to lose control, it could indicate a problem with the engine cooling system.
  • The AC does not cool your car. If the AC does not work on your car, this could be another sign that your vehicle’s engine needs servicing or repair.
  • When running at high speeds or on hills, your engine makes a knocking sound. This sound indicates something is wrong with the timing belt, so be sure to bring this issue up with a mechanic before it becomes worse than it already is.

7. Car Leaks or Puddles Are Appearing Under the Car

Car leaks or puddles are appearing under the car. It is a sign that your car needs service. The service will ensure that you eliminate these leaks and puddles effectively. The first thing you should do when you notice a leak or puddle under the Car is to check if there is a crack in any part of it. If so, it needs to be repaired before more damage can be done to your car.

The second thing you need to do is to ensure that you don’t leave water on your car’s floorboard or trunk lid. This may cause rusting and discolouration of your vehicle’s interior parts, which could lead to further problems in the future.

You may also notice minor rust around areas where the water has been dripping through cracks in your Car’s body panels. When this happens, please indicate that there might be other problems with your vehicle that need attention too and a Mazda service in Perth is the best place to take your car for service.

8. Pulling To One Side When Braking or Steering

If you notice that your car pulls to one side when braking or steering, it could be a sign of trouble. It is not uncommon for a car to pull to one side when it is being pushed by another vehicle or when the brakes are applied. This can be caused by worn brake pads, a bad brake calliper and more. The first step in diagnosing this problem is determining what damage has been done to the vehicle. If you notice that the wheels are moving from side to side when you apply the brakes, this could mean that the rotors have been damaged. They will need to be replaced if they have been hit hard enough to bend them down. If you feel there is something wrong with your steering wheel, it is likely that your steering rack has been damaged too.

9. Steering or Handling Problems

If your car has a problem with the steering or handling, it likely needs to be serviced. Steering and handling problems are usually caused by a suspension issue, which means there’s something wrong with how the car reacts to bumps in the road. The best way to determine if your car is affected by this problem is to take it to a mechanic who can perform an alignment test on the wheels and tires. If you notice any unusual noises when driving, try taking your car for a ride and listening for abnormal sounds coming from under the hood.

Wrapping Up

The longer you drive your vehicle without servicing, the more severe problem of getting your car serviced will be. You can stop those worries by checking the above list for familiar signs that you need a service. So, be aware of the signal and fix your car in early.