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4 Head Injuries After A Crash To Be Aware Of


If you’ve ever been in an automobile crash, you know how serious they can be. However, there are some common types of injuries from car wrecks that aren’t easy to recognize. These include head injuries after a crash which may have life-changing effects on someone’s future health and well-being that are often overlooked by doctors and their patients. If you think you suffered a head injury during your crash, it’s important to speak with an attorney who can evaluate your case.

What is a head injury?

Although head injuries are common after a car crash, they can be fatal or cause permanent damage to a person’s brain and brain function.

How does a person get a head injury in a crash?

The most common causes of head injury after a crash include:

●   Impact – when your head hits something hard like a steering wheel or window

●   Sudden acceleration/deceleration – this happens when the vehicle you’re in suddenly changes speed (like when it crashes into another car)

●   Blows to the head – if you’re hit by something while driving (like flying debris such as a windshield or other objects)

What are the 4 head injuries that you should be aware of after a crash?

●   Concussion after car accident: A concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury that can cause temporary confusion, memory problems and headaches.

●   Traumatic brain injury or TBI after a car accident: TBIs happen when the head hits something hard or moves quickly back and forth, causing damage to the brain.

●   Coma after car accident: A person in a coma due to a crash-related head injury is unconscious. They cannot be woken up. Additionally, they may need assistance to breathe.

●   Headache after car accident: Post-traumatic headaches may be chronic in nature. They are frequently a symptom of a serious injury such as TBI or a concussion.

Why are head injuries after a crash so dangerous?

Head injuries are serious because they can cause long-term damage, permanent loss of function and possibly death. They can affect your ability to live independently and work productively in society, as well as enjoy hobbies and recreation activities you previously enjoyed before the crash occurred.

Can you sue for a head injury?

Yes, you can sue for a head injury. You might be able to sue the other driver or their insurance company if they are at fault for the crash. You may be able to sue for pain and suffering, medical bills, lost wages and other damages related to your injury.

Symptoms of a head injury

If you’ve been injured in a motor vehicle crash, it’s important to know the heart injury symptoms you should watch for:

●   Headaches or migraines that don’t go away after two weeks

●   Changes in vision (blurry vision)

●   Hearing (ringing in ears)

●   Dizziness or balance problems

●   Nausea

●   Confusion

●   Loss of consciousness

These symptoms may indicate that you have sustained brain damage as a result of your collision. Talk to your physician right away. Left untreated by medical professionals who specialize in treating traumatic brain injuries (TBI), a head injury may lead to long-term disability or death.


In conclusion, head injuries can be very dangerous. They can cause serious brain damage that may affect your ability to work or even walk. They can also result in death. If you were injured in an auto accident, it’s important to know what kinds of injuries can happen to your head and how they might affect your life going forward. If you have questions, talk to an experienced head injury attorney.