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Know What Is An Electric Otoped, Electric Scooter and Segway

1. Otoped Electric Otoped or thrust scooter is a plate with wheels that are usually driven by pushing the ground with your feet. The user stands with one foot on the plate and the other leg is used to move the scooter. Meanwhile, now there is also an electric version, where users simply turn the gas lever like operating a motorcycle. Using an electric scooter is almost the same as riding a motorcycle, so it is necessary to be careful when on the road. Users need a helmet, knee and elbow protectors and gloves, to prevent injury in the event of an accident on the road.

2. Electric Scooters (Electric kick-scooters or e-scooters) are scooters that are 100 percent driven by electric power, so they don’t produce smoke and noise. Electric scooters usually have one wheel at the front and at the back. Sometimes also designed with three wheels. The speed of electric scooters is usually 20 – 50 kph, but there are models that can cover distances of up to 80 km / hour. Electric scooters weigh between 7 – 40 kg on average and can be loaded with weights of 100 – 200 kg. Although most are used in a standing position and are only designed for one person, there are also some electric scooters that have more than one seat. In addition, electric scooters are also known for their fast folding mechanism, making it easy to store and carry. In Indonesia people abbreviate it as skutis, which stands for electric scooter.

3. Segway The Segway is a two-wheeler self-balancing electric vehicle, created by Dean Kamen and its existence was first disclosed on December 3, 2001 in Bryant Park on Good Morning America. This $ 5,350 to $ 6,400 US dollar tool is manufactured by Segway LLC, which is based in Bedford, New Hampshire. Its existence is found in a number of places, such as in Indonesia it is widely used in public facilities such as airports, or exhibition events.

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