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Everything You Need to Know About Aircraft Hardware

Aircraft hardware refers to the numerous types of fasteners and other tiny things used in the production and maintenance of aircraft. If you’re not careful, you can end up with incompetent parts. Universal quality standards for aircraft hardware distributors can help you choose the correct parts for your plane. New parts should come with no history, but you’ll need to know if you’re purchasing used aircraft parts.

Avionics piece parts

There are several types of aviation hardware and suppliers. Choosing the right supplier means knowing what to ask for. You can also read customer reviews to choose a reputable company. Finally, look for certification and experience in the industry and ensure that the supplier is accredited to sell the part. 

Aviation bolts

If you’re assembling a plane, one of the essential parts of your aircraft is the fasteners. Among these components are titanium carriage bolts and Inconel hex lag bolts. When choosing aviation bolts, you should select those that meet DFAR compliance. DFAR, or Defense Federal Acquisition Regulations, is a highly stringent standard for metal that exceeds most aviation standards. Additionally, you should consider the type of fastener you are getting. DFAR-certified fasteners have a much higher fatigue strength than commercial bolts.

Cotter pins

When installing aircraft hardware, cotter pins can be helpful. These small screws are designed to fit into holes in bolts. This prevents them from popping out. To install cotter pins, they must have a hole drilled in the bolt’s shank. To accommodate cotter pins, you must drill a hole in your existing bolt or buy specifically designed ones. 

Self-Locking fasteners

When installing and removing aircraft hardware, fasteners are an ideal solution. These self-locking bolts form solid blind side heads and offer high tensile, shear, and fatigue values. Plus, they have a guaranteed 20% minimum preload. They can also be installed with hand or compact power tools and standard air pressure levels. Monogram is a proud sponsor of the self-locking fastener program and supplies a variety of aircraft hardware.

NAS bolts

The National Aerospace Standard (NAS) is a set of specifications and standards for aerospace fasteners. The NAS1307-50 bolt attaches the wing structure to the aircraft frame. Its tensile strength is 160,000 psi, and its shank diameter is 4365 inches. Because of its tight dimensional tolerance, it is more potent than standard AN7 bolts.

NAS thread series

If you’re considering a replacement for your current bolts or nuts, you’ve probably come across the NAS thread series. The thread series indicates how solid and durable the bolt or nut is. Each bolt has a standard number of threads, a standard grip length, and a nut washer. They also have a few extra threads to ensure that the nut will engage properly. Using the NAS thread series, you can ensure that your aircraft hardware will not break or get loose in an emergency.

NAS nut

When choosing aircraft hardware, you will want to consider the NAS nut or bolt. These fasteners are usually made of carbon steel, stainless steel, or anodized aluminum alloy. In addition, there are different types of nuts, including self-locking and non-self-locking types.

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